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Education in Canada


Public education in Canada is of a very high quality. Canada does not have a federal approach to education but each province (10 provinces) and territories (three territories) are responsible for funding and standards.

The federal government is responsible for the documents to allow you to enter and study in Canada.

An important concept in your career in Canada or globally, is the value of life-learning. Although a diploma or degree is an important first step, seeking further learning opportunities throughout your career is important.

There are some standard understandings of education after high school.

Universities, historically, offered three- or four-year bachelor’s degrees. One can choose to go onto masters and doctoral programmes.

Universities might have been in the past known as theoretical in their approach. This has changed in recent years with many offering experiential educational opportunities such as co-op programs which are integrated into the degree (sometimes adding one year to the length of the program) or internships (paid or non-paid) which adds the value of learning on the job.

Colleges, in the past, were focused on practical training. This, too has evolved over the years with colleges now offering bachelor degrees (four years) in addition to their two-year diplomas for direct entry students.

Now depending on the the college, they offer two-year diplomas for direct entry students, four-year diplomas, and for those that hold already a bachelor’s degree, a post graduate diploma which vary from 8 to 24 months. College degree programs unless a part of a combined university degree may not lead you onto graduate studies such as a masters or doctoral program if you so choose.

As noted, public institutions, universities and colleges, hold very high standards and should always be considered as a premier choice when selecting a degree or diploma program.

When choosing an institution, in order to receive your study permit from IRCC (immigration), do ensure that the institution has what is called a Designated Learning Institution number.

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