Education Institution Services

Your path to successful student recruitment.

Our Services

As a network of leading International Education Recruitment and Management companies, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored specifically for Education Institutions.

Digital Marketing

Leveraging the digital landscape to boost visibility and engagement.

SEO Optimisation

Enhancing partner and event exposure on our websites and social media platforms.

Influencer Marketing

Partnering with influential figures to create impactful campaigns.

Event Marketing

Hosting seminars, fairs, and partner events to connect and educate.

Study Guide

Management services help students navigate the entire process of studying abroad.

Alumni Engagement

Cultivating lasting relationships with our valued graduates.

Global Education Summit

A prestigious event where industry leaders meet to shape the future of education.

Traditional Advertising

Publications and promotional material distribution.

Agent Network

We empower an Agent Network with the skills required for effective promotion, content selection, application management, and data utilisation. This training blends digital resources with personalised coaching, ensuring a solid foundation for successful enrolment and recruitment consistency.

Student Information Sessions

We organise information sessions to guide students and provide them with all the necessary information about studying abroad, helping them make informed decisions.

Live Interview Sessions with Alumni

We arrange interactive sessions where prospective students can connect with alumni to gain firsthand knowledge and insights, inspiring confidence in your programs.

Your Path to Student Recruitment Success

Understanding your student recruitment goals is crucial for our partnership.

Whether it’s boosting enrollment, promoting new programs,
or enhancing campus diversity, we align our services with your objectives.

Getting to Know You

Our team familiarises itself with your university’s mission, programs, admission criteria, international student policies, and campus highlights. This deep understanding enables us to generate applications that meet your standards.

Quality Control

Maintaining student quality is paramount. We implement rigorous screening, ensuring a high acceptance and retention rate. Our knowledge allows us to establish suitable quality control, forwarding only qualified applications to your university.

Marketing Collaterals and Digital Materials

We specialise in diverse marketing materials, efficiently managing both print and digital resources.
 From infographics to program handouts, we support global marketing campaigns with streamlined digital services.

Global Marketing Tours

We arrange visits and events, including education fairs, student meetups, visits to agent offices, counselor training, and pre-screening sessions.

Our Network/Outreach

Hti partners with Leading Institutions of the world Including the Top 1000 Universities.

Selecting & Training High-Quality Study-Abroad Agencies

This robust network enables us to extend our student recruitment services worldwide, resulting in a diverse student population with varied interests in degree choices.

“Our channel partners undergo careful screening
before joining our network and receive thorough training to
ensure their expertise and professionalism.

We conduct training webinars in collaboration with our university partners,
keeping our agency partners updated with the latest
developments in the study abroad industry”

Mark Lucas, Senior Vice President