Trusted Institutional Framework


In a bid to enhance oversight and streamline processes within Canada’s education sector, the Canadian government has unveiled significant changes set to impact colleges and universities nationwide.

Effective June 2024, educational institutions are now mandated to report directly to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) regarding international students’ attendance and compliance with all study permit requirements.

Institutions, both public and private, are regulated in Canada by provinces.

It leaves the federal government in a challenging position to “regulate” institutions. It is expected by Fall 2024, the federal government will implement the “Trusted Institutional Framework” (TIF) which would incentivize post-secondary educational institutions to meet higher standards concerning international students.

With the TIF, it is hoped that study permit application processing times will be accelerated. Times currently vary from four weeks and higher.

Further, the newer changes require students to apply for a new study permit whenever they want to switch schools, and before the start date of the new study program.

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