Which rankings should I use as I seek an undergraduate program?

Rankings have become a point of reference in Canada during the past 20 years. It has been adopted from other countries.

Different rankings can consider different factors. Factors are heavily weighted from research environment (topics by professors, research monies available for graduate programs), the quality of research (are professors quoted in research papers of other professors, etc.), teaching environment (professors holding doctorate degrees, etc.) and with much less weight given to international context (international professors and students), and industry linkages.

Therefore, rankings are more important as you consider a masters or doctoral program.

Many universities over the past years now no longer participate in annual rankings as they do not provide a full understanding of the respective university.

It should be noted that in Canada, rankings to date have focused on universities and not colleges. See our previous blog about the difference between colleges and universities.

Thus, if you are choosing an undergraduate program at a university, rankings are not so important. Choose based on program offerings, career and counselling office availability, cost of living of the community where the university is located, and pathways to immigrate after graduating.

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